Pat Walls on Founding Starter Story and His Mission To Help 1 Billion People Make Money Online


On this episode of STICK TALK, the boys sit down with Pat Walls to talk about road tripping around the US during COVID, leaving a startup job to start a blog from scratch, scaling his blog from 0 to 1 million in revenue and 100k daily page views, and a funny story about a strange chocolate brand.

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Pat is the founder of Starter Story, a database of more than 4,000 entrepreneur case studies and interviews. Pat started the site from scratch in 2017 and has scaled it to more than 1 million in revenue – and is currently on a mission to help 1 billion people make money online. Outside of Starter Story, Pat enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and playing tennis.

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Time stamps:
00:00:00 – Starting a Business without a Formal Network of Entrepreneurs
00:02:39 – Venturing out on your own in the startup world
00:05:07 – From Side Project to Business: The Origins of Starter Story
00:09:58 – Inspiration and Starting a Business as a Digital Nomad
00:12:20 – How Starter Story Got Traction on Reddit
00:14:53 – The Value of Real Business Owners and Self-Reported Revenue in Interviews
00:17:11 – Unusual and Profitable Business Ideas
00:19:43 – The Art of Asking Questions in Business Interviews
00:22:09 – Inspiring readers to start their own businesses
00:24:29 – Interviewing Successful Entrepreneurs and Creating a Social Media Version of TV Formats
00:27:00 – Evolving the Business Model Towards Direct Customer Payment
00:29:29 – Consistency in Content Creation and Finding Success in the Journey
00:31:55 – Going all in: Focusing on one business for success
00:34:22 – A Road Trip That Changed Everything
00:36:51 – The Importance of Taking Time to Think and Plan for Growth
00:39:32 – The Benefits of a Dopamine Reset
00:42:04 – Writing in a Cabin like McConaughey
00:44:15 – The Importance of Writing in Business and Amazon's Writing Culture
00:46:57 – The Value of Writing and Self-Reflection
00:49:18 – Entrepreneurship 101: Six Factors for a successful business idea
00:51:42 – Building a Business with No Competition or Personal Monopoly
00:54:01 – Finding passion in entrepreneurship and identifying hidden opportunities
00:56:25 – Hidden Opportunities and Niche Markets
00:58:49 – Six Mistakes in Starting a Business, and Living in Tampa vs Other Places
01:01:09 – Why Tampa is the Place to Be
01:03:40 – Quitting Caffeine and Coffee Shop Rituals
01:06:05 – The Lightning Round: Masters Champions Dinner Menu Challenge
01:08:47 – The Benefits of Avoiding Sugar and Dream Dinner Guests
01:11:35 – Helping Kanye at his Ranch
01:14:04 – Celebrating a $100 Million Offer and Where to Find Pat Walls and Starter Story

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