I Make $11M/Year Selling One Product


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In this episode, I met up with Oliver Brocato to ask him exactly how he built Tabs Chocolate to $11M/year using a viral content strategy… and he tells it all. He shared how he built the product from scratch, how he found the idea, and the viral formula he uses generate millions. Hope you enjoy this one!


0:00 – Intro
1:02 – The $11M Business
1:30 – How he found the idea
2:15 – Viral psychology
3:01 – How to create product from scratch
4:14 – Shipping & Logistics Mistakes
5:16 – Starter Story Special
6:06 – Building a Brand VS Dropshipping
8:05 – The early days
9:24 – Costs
10:16 – How to find manufacturer's
10:41 – The Viral Strategy
11:41 – Viral Video Formula
12:07 – Other marketing channels
12:33 – Advice for entrepreneurs

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