I Make $1.3M/Year With One Skill


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In this episode, I meet up with Brett from DesignJoy so I could ask him how he built a $1.3M per year one-person business WHILE working a 9-5.

He reveals the secrets behind his pricing strategy, how he found his idea, and some actionable advice on how anyone can use this special business model to turn a single skill into a $1M/year business. Hope you all enjoy!


0:00 – Intro
0:52 – The $1.3M/year business model
1:24 – How he runs the business
2:06 – Finding the idea & building it
2:59 – Working a 9-5 while building the business
3:23 – Pricing strategy
4:10 – How to build a productized service with one skill
4:52 – Costs & tools
5:19 – Solopreneur marketing strategies
5:58 – How to find ideas & build them fast
6:40 – Starter Story Trial
7:14 – How to get better at design
7:56 – Day in the life / routine
9:10 – Advice for entrepreneurs

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