He Turned $500 Into $10M


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In this episode I went into Karthik Shanadi's New York City apartment to get his story and strategies for building a $10M clothing empire. He's an absolute hustler and has built 4 ecommerce companies in the apparel industry, and he shares his advice on marketing, growing an online apparel company, and how to start a business today. Hope you guys enjoy!

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – All his businesses
3:10 – Finding the idea
4:20 – Building the business with a full time job
5:13 – How he stays motivated
6:35 – How he started the business (early days)
8:00 – Scariest moments
9:47 – Fulfillment and logistics
11:23 – How to build in saturated markets
12:11 – How to build a brand
13:17 – Marketing strategies
15:30 – 3 required skills for entrepreneurship
17:26 – How to start a business


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